Tentative PROGRAM

4th Pakistan-Africa Trade Development Conference

Tuesday- 9th January, 2024 (DAY 1)

at Egypt International Exhibition Center, Cairo, Egypt

Registration of Honorable Guests
Guests to be seated
Arrival of Chief Guest /Guest of honor
National Anthems Egypt and Pakistan
Welcome address by HE Mr. Sajid Bilal, Ambassador of Pakistan to Egypt
Speech by Secretary Commerce of Pakistan Mr. Muhammad Sualeh Farooqi
Speech by Chief Executive of TDAP
Presentation on Investment Opportunities in Pakistan by Secretary BOI
11:45-11:55 Presentation by Chief Executive Officer, Pakistan Software Export Board, on Pakistan’s vast entrepreneurial culture and emerging startups with the opportunity to invest in the rising talent of Pakistan
Presentation by representative of Egyptian Department of Trade and Industry
Presentation by Representative of National Service Production Organization of Egypt
Speech by HE Dr. Thani bin Ahmed Al Zeyoudi , Minister of State for Foreign Trade, UAE
Speech of the Chief Guest
Speech by Commerce Minister of Pakistan
Presentation on Textile and Leather sector of Pakistan by leading company of the Sector followed by short video
Presentation on Engineering Goods sector of Pakistan by leading company of the Sector followed by short video
Presentation on services sector of Pakistan by leading company of the Sector followed by short video
Presentation on Food and Agricultural sector of Pakistan by leading company of the Sector followed by short video
Presentation by Ms. Aneela Iftikhar, M/s. AL-NAFAH ENTERPRISES, on Women Entrepreneurship in Pakistan
Speech by Mr. Fahad Al Baash, Chairman, Saudi-Pakistan Business Council, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Speech by Hamid Mohammed bin Saleem ,Secretary General , UAE Chambers
14:55-15:05 Speech/Presentation by Mr. Hameni Kemal, president of the Algerian chamber, Algeria
Speech/Presentation by Mr. Rasmi Al Mallah, Chairman, Rakhaa Businessmen Association, Jordan
Presentation of Souvenirs by Commerce Minister of Pakistan to the Chief Guest/ Guest of honor
Federal Minister for Commerce of Pakistan to present Souvenirs to presenters from MENA region
Inauguration of the Single Country Exhibition by Chief Guest
Cultural performances and Gala Dinner

Sectoral Highlights for PSCE Tashkent

Pakistan’s Total Exports

According to Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS), Pakistan’s total exports of goods and services amount to USD 35 billion in FY23. The key sectors contributing to this figure include:

  1. Textile leading the export sector with USD 16.5 billion.
  2. Food and Agriculture significant contribution at USD 5.02 billion.
  3. Engineering sector noteworthy export value of USD 3.84 billion.
  4. Services sector contributing USD 7.3 billion to the overall export landscape

Food and Agro:

  • Holding the 10th position in rice production, Pakistan is also the 4th largest exporter of Rice, accounting for USD 2.14 billion in total exports in FY23.
  • Fruits and vegetables sector demonstrate its economic significance, contributing USD 583 million to Pakistan’s total export revenue.
  • Pakistan ranks 4th globally in milk production
  • Renowned for its delicious mangoes, Pakistan holds the 4th position in global mango production.
  • Sugarcane (5th in Production)
  • With the 6th position in date production
  • Ranking 8th globally in wheat production.
  • Pakistan’s extensive 1400km coastal line provides a diverse range of seafood, including fish, lobsters, prawns, shrimps, crabs, and other marine products, making it a hub for seafood enthusiasts and businesses alike.
  • Agro and food products require international benchmarks such as ISO 22000, BRC Global Standards, USDA Organic, and HACCP.

Textile and Leather

  • Textile with the largest exports of USD 16.5 billion in FY23.
  • Garments stand out as a powerhouse, generating USD 3.49 billion in exports.
  • Pakistan is the 7th largest exporter of garments in Asia. It is 5th largest producer and 3rd largest consumer of cotton.
  • The industry consists of 11.3 million spindles, 3 million rotors, 350,000 power looms, 18,000 knitting machines and processing capacity of 5.2 billion square meters.
  • The leather industry contributing USD 887 million to the country’s export earnings.
  • The textile industry requires rigorous international legal standards, including SGS, REACH Compliance, CITES, ISO certifications, Intertex, Brachi, QIMA, and eco-labels.


  • Surgical exports, amounting to USD 447 million.
  • The sports goods sector makes a mark with USD 405 million in exports.
  • Pharmaceutical exports reach USD 328 million.
  • For engineering international standards are CE marking, GMP, ISO 9001, ISO 13485, and ISO 10993, Medical Devices Regulations (MDR)


  • USD 2.6 billion total exports.
  • 2nd financially attractive location in the world for offshore outsourcing IT and ITeS
  • 2nd largest digital labor services
  • 5th highest freelancer earnings